Secure & Certified Document Shredding

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Safeguard Destruction, member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID®), provides secure, certified document shredding services that are a MUST for compliance with data protection and identity theft laws. In addition to being compliant with State and Federal Laws and Regulations, destroying sensitive documents that are no longer being used is vital for keeping company and/or personal information private.

Certified document destruction 


Why is record destruction needed?

If you discard your records without destroying them, anyone can legally gain access to your records – competitors, litigators, the media, thieves, etc. If you are not securely shredding medical, financial or other sensitive consumer information, you are breaking the law. Please refer to the Laws Affecting Your Business page to learn more about the current policies.

What can Safeguard do?

Safeguard provides the following:

  • Inexpensive, secure, certified solution for shredding your confidential information
  • Site analysis
  • Preparation of a shredding plan tailored to your needs
  • Certified Letter of Destruction promptly upon completion of terms
  • Large, one time destruction option
  • Small, one time purge option
  • Convenient Bin Rotational services for ongoing destruction, Consoles now available!


one-time document destruction

Container or box pick-up for one time destruction:

Safeguard can pick up your containers of confidential records and transport them securely to our destruction facility. If files are loose or in file cabinet drawers, we can provide you with a mobile hamper to fill for pick-up.

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 Shredding bins

 Secure Bin Rotation or Console for ongoing destruction:

Our experienced, uniformed personnel can collect your materials in secured bins or consoles (your choice, provided at no cost to you!) for secure transport to our state-of the-art facility for secure shredding. Safeguard will come to your office on a regular basis to switch out your full bins or full consoles for empty ones. Our secure Containers have locks and a convenient slot built in for easy deposits of paper.

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Media and Industry Specific Destruction:

Safeguard has the ability to destroy virtually anything including x-rays, binders, computer disks, tapes, CD's, cartridges, etc. 


Still thinking a personal shredder will be able to replace these services while still keeping your information secure? Read some reasons why the office shredder doesn't make the cut in 7 Reasons Why an Office Shredder Will NOT Protect your Sensitive Information