Convenient Commercial Storage

A Unique Offering in the Records Management IndustryCommercial Storage

In an effort to become your “One Stop” shop for all storage needs, Safeguard expanded its secure storage service offerings to include commercial asset storage. This includes, but is not limited to desks, filing cabinets, furniture, computer equipment, lamps, fans, large boxes – any items that are taking up valuable space in your office.

Safeguard’s Commercial Storage offering is unique in the records management industry. Few vendors, large or small, offer both records management and commercial storage at the same time.

Advantages for Using Both Records Storage and Commercial Storage

  • FREE initial pick-up
  • Cheaper alternative to room or self-storage
  • Pick and delivery saves you time and money
  • Next day services (if notified by 3pm) saves you time and gives you flexibility in your schedule
  • You can move seasonal items out of your expensive office space
  • Consolidation. With everything in one place, you have one bill with even one delivery or more, whatever fits your needs!
  • You don’t have to lift a finger. We will pick up and package your items. You can continue your work uninterrupted and let us do the rest.


Items are placed on pallets and shrink-wrapped for protection. They are then safely stored in stack racks with appropriate security.

Inventory Management

Don’t worry if you don’t have a loading dock. We can always receive the shipment and FAX a receipt to you.