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Why The Personal Shredder Just Doesn't 'Cut' It

Posted by Sean Kelly on Tue, Oct 09, 2012 @ 10:22 AM

Next time you're thinking of using a personal shredder for the disposal of your credit card statements, bank account information, insurance policy information, or even those "junk mail" credit card offers, you may want to think again. In a recent article by MSN money, the personal shredder was shown to fall "below the cut" when it comes to document security and keeping your sensitive information out of the hands of identity thieves. The article highlights how earlier in the year, a couple was arrested and charged with identity theft after putting back together the shreds from a personal shredder that were discarded in a trash bag. From these reassembled shreds, the perps were able to gain access to routing numbers and bank accounts and stole over $1,000 from a local church by using fraudulent checks (it was later discovered by detectives that the theives had machinery that used the shreds to reconstruct checks and pass them off as legitimate).

So what is the difference between a personal shredder and a shredding company? Are you thinking that they do the same things? If so, think again! Personal shredders are much different than industrial shredders, and what is done with the shreds afterwards is done so that even beyond the shredding process, your information is kept secure until it is completely obliterated, and turned into pulp, without the chance of anyone having access to it ever again.

Personal Shredder Shreds

(typically strip-cut)

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(highest security available)

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For more information on the articles mentioned above, please visit the MSN Money article


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