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Are YOU compliant?

Compliance with data protection laws
Download your FREE compliance packet NOW to ensure your compliance with Massachusetts Data Protection Laws 93H &93I

Don't wait until it's too late! Think it wont happen to you? Learn about businesses who thought the same way...

Doctor fined $40,000 for dumping records

Man Charged with Felony after improper disposal of sensitive information

Quickly learn about the information protection laws affecting you and how you can easily become compliant!

Do you know if you are compliant with Massachusetts 93H and 93I data protection Laws? Do you know what the laws require of you? How can can you become complaint with the laws? How can Safeguard help you? FIND OUT NOW!

Safeguard's Compliance Packet includes:

  • Brief Explanation of Massachusetts 93H and 93I Data Protection Laws
  • What you are required to do as a business or professional...
    • that handles certain types of customer or client information
    • In order to be compliant with the laws
  • A Compliance Checklist and guide for you to follow in order to be compliant with 201 CMR 17.00 ( a regulation of 93H and 93I)
  • Safeguard's Written Information Security Policy (WISP) to serve as...
    • an example to follow when creating your WISP
    • assurance that Safeguard is a secure and compliant provider of Records Management Services


Penalties for non-compliance are up to $5,000 per record compromised!


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