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Are YOU prepared for a natural disaster? Helpful information to keep you safeguarded from Mother Nature

Posted by Sean Kelly on Tue, Jun 07, 2011 @ 08:07 AM

The last most notable and destructive Tornado to hit Massachusetts before the Tornado's that swept across central and Western Massachusetts last week was the Worcester Tornado of 1953. 94 people were killed by the Worcester tornado and it was subsequently the event whose legacy, or better yet fury, would be carried on through the city's baseball team, the Worcester Tornado's.


It goes without saying that Tornado's, Twisters, Micro bursts and all the other wonderful weather Mother Nature produces doesn't usually target the residents of Massachusetts like it targets those who reside in certain areas of the central United States, more commonly known as tornado ally. But, as we have seen in the past few weeks, it CAN happen and thus you must ask yourself, what can you do to ready yourself in the event that a tornado whirls itself down your street?

A couple of things just about anyone can do with minimal effort is make an emergency kit with enough supplies to last you for a few days. This kit should at least include a 3 day supply of the following...

1. Water (1 gallon per person per day)
2. Non-perishable foods/canned goods (make sure you have a can opener!)
3. Pet food (if applicable)

as well as


4. Battery powered flashlight and radio
5. A well stocked first aid kit
6. Tarps (to protect yourself from leaking water/rain)
7. Blankets/sleeping bags
8. Cell phone/a means of communication that can be used without an electric plug
9. Baby wipes and toilet paper (in a plastic bag to ensure it stays dry)

The next important thing after you have gathered all your supplies to to make a plan!

The formulation of the plan in case of a natural disaster should involve the whole family. It is important that everyone in the family knows of an understands the plan that is in place.

First off, your family must chose a contact person who lives far enough away so that if your town and the surrounding towns are hit by a tornado, the contact will likely have stayed out of harms way. This is crucial to the plan because if any family members are not at home when the disaster hits, they will know that they have a safe rendez-vous point to head to when the storm clears.

Preparedness in the event of disaster will only help make a grim situation a little bit easier to get through. Please visit the following websites for more information on disaster preparedness...

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