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Never Want to Have to Spring Clean your Documents Again?

Posted by Sean Kelly on Thu, Apr 26, 2012 @ 03:00 PM

grassIt's that time of year again, time for spring cleaning. Usually most people spend daunting days and countless hours organizing their documents every year, but we think that should change. Instead of having everything pile up each year waiting to steal your precious spring days away from you to organize it all, why not implement a plan, a document organization plan, that would allow you to never have to waste spring days again??

We'll do you one better than just telling you that you should formulate a plan, we'll GIVE you the plan! And its SIMPLE! What could be better? If you follow our three-step plan, we know that these three steps will bring you closer to free spring days and futher away from docu-disaster.

Step 1: Digitize. When you come across important documents or files, scan them. Save them on a hard drive, disk, or flash drive. Ensure that these are all secure electronic storage methods by password protecting documents. If you can do this daily or even weekly and get into the habit of it, you will thank yourself in the long-run.

Step 2: Decide. So you've digitized important files. Now you need to decide whether or not the document should have a hard copy stored or if the document is safe to be securely shredded.

Step3: DO! Once you have decided to either store the documents or shred the documents, DO IT!

Having a certified and secure document shredding and archiving vendor can not only help to save you time in that you don't have to shred the documents yourself and office space in not having to store your documents on-site, but a vendor makes it easy to get in the habit of storing and shredding. If you have a box of documents you need to add to your storage account, just give them a call and they should be able to retrieve your box, barcode it, add it to your inventory, and securely store it for you.  They should also be able to deliver any documents or files to you upon request. A vendor that stores your documents as well as shreds them is a blessing. Usually, a vendor can provide you with locked, slit-top shredding bins or console that can be placed in your office that you can place sensitive documents into whenever you come across them. Change out of full bin or console for an empty one is just a phone call away.

So now you've got a plan. Give us a call and lets get started!

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7 Reasons why your shredder will NOT protect sensitive documents...

Posted by Sean Kelly on Tue, Aug 30, 2011 @ 08:36 AM
Document Shredding

Have you ever been fed up with your office shredder?


 Looking for a better, more convenient, economical, and less expensive solution? If you are, then you have found the right company. If you aren't yet convinced that outsourcing your shredding is more secure and less expensive than shredding in-house, please read below and let us know if it changes your mind!

Discarded shreds only tell the bad guys what to take.

The shredded materials from an office shredder are relatively easy to put back together. There is even a service available that electronically scans shreds for the purpose of reconstructing documents. If your shreds are simply discarded, all you have done is show the dumpster divers what to take.

NAID member Safeguard securely shreds all information which is immediately boxed and securely held for weekly pick up of shreds by a recycling company which is bonded by agreement to respect the confidentiality of all of the shreds they pick up. The company turns the paper into pulp which is then recycled into paper and other materials.

Employees don’t use shredders!  

In most small to medium sized companies, employees are already overwhelmed with work. It is not realistic to expect that a busy employee is going to faithfully go through the time-consuming inconvenience of laboriously putting everything they should destroy through a slow office shredder. Even if they place them in the shredder, someone often decides to throw them out to avoid the hassle and mess.

NAID member Safeguard can provide your business or office with a secure locked container into which employees can securely and conveniently deposit the documents that should be shredded. Simply put, convenience equals compliance and peace of mind.

Shredding yourself provides no records of compliance.

In the event of a privacy violation, compliant or audit, it is very likely that your firm will be asked to verify its compliance to information protection regulations. Shredding discarded information yourself provides you with no verifiable record of ongoing regulatory compliance.

NAID member Safeguard’s services give you a verified, ongoing record of regular compliance with legally mandated information destruction requirements.

Employees should not handle some sensitive information.

When your employees do the shredding, you have two options 1) You either have entry-level employees shred, in which case you may expose sensitive personnel records and competitive information to individuals not meant to see it, or 2) management-level employees, who are especially busy and paid top dollar to do more important work, do the shredding. Neither situation is acceptable.

Outsourcing your destruction needs to NAID member Safeguard solves this dilemma. Information destruction can happen very quickly with little, if any, actual handling by our screened personnel.   

Office shredders break down!

If you have ever owned an office shredder, you know they have a tendency to break down- even more so if you use them to shred everything you should. When this happens, the material to be destroyed piles up until the machine is repaired or replaced. The burden can become so great that there is a strong possibility that employees will cut corners and dispose of the material without destroying it in order to catch up.

If you are using the NAID member Safeguard, you are out of the equipment business for good. The solution to your information destruction compliance is secure, quick and convenient.

Office shredders won’t help you with large records purges!

Even if an office shredder could keep up with the large volume of daily shredding (which, in most cases, it can’t), what happens when you have to destroy more records than normal? Maybe you are cleaning old records out of storage or someone just clean out their office. Even the slightest surge in the amount of material to be destroyed creates a nightmare for employees armed only with a small office shredder. Of course, the greater risk is that someone simply will decide not to shred it.

NAID member Safeguard uses an industrial shredder capable of destroying hundreds of pounds of material per minute. Even a major purge of records doesn’t give our equipment the slightest problem.

The Shredder can’t handle some materials

The papers that need to be shredded are often held together by binders, paper clips, staples, and covers. These items normally need to be removed as the office shredders will not handle this material. Tapes, CDs, and other media also have confidential information on them. These items are only going to prematurely end the already short life of the office shredder if you try to destroy them yourself.

By using large industrial destruction equipment, NAID member Safeguard can handle anything you throw at us.

For more information on the NAID member Safeguard, please visit or contact Sean Kelly, General Manager, directly at 508-795-1015.

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