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Off-Site Vs. On-Site Shredding, What's the Real Deal?

Posted by Sean Kelly on Mon, Nov 19, 2012 @ 09:59 AM

One of the biggest changes to the shredding industry over the years is the appearance of the "Mobile Shredding Truck". Usually coming fully equipped with a shredder, tv monitor, and a big bad name, shredding trucks have their good qualities, but poor ones too. A lot of companies seem to enjoy the ability to view in "real time" the shredding of their documents. Unfortunately, what a lot of companies don't know is that on-site shredding can be performed by less than qualified staff and a less than qualified company.

Yes, you heard it right. Anyone with a cell phone, a one page website, and a truck can pass themselves off as a mobile shredding company. Are their services actually helping you become compliant with the laws? Do they have strict information security policies in place? What happens if the truck breaks down (like in the picture below). What is the level of security of the shredder that is being used in the truck? Some mobile shredding trucks have shown to actually let WHOLE CHECKS pass through, unshredder (proof is in the pudding, I mean picture, below). These are some things you need to question before electing to use a mobile shredding company.

Shredding security  How secure is your shredding operations
How comfortable would you feel if your
documents were shredded in that mobile truck?
 And then, ask yourself, how comfortable 
would you feel having a mobile shredding
truck shred your documents when the 
shredder lets WHOLE CHECKS pass through?


Off-site shredding is done by a shredding company who has a warehouse (real estate), an industrial shredder, and a bonded and insured warehouse staff, at the very least. Usually, a company that performs off-site shredding also offers and performs other records management related services and they hold certifications and memberships in order to do so, adding to their legitimacy.

I like the analogy of likening an off-site shredding company to a bank. You give the bank your money but you don't see them put it in the vault, so how do you know it is safe and will be there when you need it? Because a bank is insured. With a bonded and insured shredding company, you have the same circumstances. You don't need to watch the shredding be performed to know that your document will be securely and properly disposed of due to associations like NAID, the National Association of Information Destruction. NAID is the association that verifies and puts their "stamp of approval" on those companies who follow the highest security measures in their shredding operations. 

We aren't saying that you should not use a mobile shredding company (but you really shouldn't!) but what we are saying is, we don't think this mobile shredding trend is here to stay. What do you think? Feel free to leave you comments in the box below...

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Records Management & Staying Green: Green Tips for the Office

Posted by Sean Kelly on Wed, Oct 05, 2011 @ 03:22 AM

Easy Being GreenWe all know that being green is important, it can help the environment and that we should be doing it. The "tough" part is putting that theory into practice, especially in the office where you might want to implement green initiatives but since no one else has hopped on the green scheme, it's a seemingly impossible task. So how do you get everyone to realize that being green is not that difficult? That takes a little bit of exploring.

To start, we all know that a "paper-less" office is not in the near future, at all. Back in the 1980's there was talk about a paper-less office and look where we are three decades later, still using paper! That is where being green comes in. Instead of trying to use no paper at all, we have realized that it is OK to use paper and that all we have to do is keep in mind some simple tips for staying green and reducing our paper consumption, not nixing it. When you and others in the office do so, you will soon see how the amount of paper and other materials that you use drastically decreases. And these tips are so easy, just posting them around the office is bound to get people on board (even better, send an e-mail to reduce paper consumption!).

The key to being able to implement green initiatives in your office is to have a trusted and quality records management provider. A partner that realizes the same "be green" theme that your office does (or plans to) and recycles all of the material from your office after it is shredded as well as aids you in staying on track with your records retention schedule. Once you have partnered up with your RM, how green your office actually becomes starts with YOU.

So what can you do to make an impact and reduce your footprint?

1. Reduce the amount of paper you produce and thus reduce the amount that is shredded saving time, money, and energy. To do this, create a plan that determines what types of documents are to be printed and what documents should be kept as electronic files. Also, determine what types of documents can be scanned and sent to colleagues rather than making paper copies for them. Make sure everyone gets an e-mail about this!

2. Do double sided printing when printing is necessary. Use any misprints as scrap or notepaper.

3. Use stick labels in the top corners of faxes rather than creating a fax cover sheet from a whole piece of paper.

4. Over time, by reducing the amount of paper you produce, you in turn reduce the probability of duplicate record which will then reduce the total amount of records that you end up having to put in storage (or shred if you actually end up finding the duplicate record before it gets boxed up for storage).

This overall decrease in paper production will save your office money in paper costs which will carry over to a lesser production of paper which means less records management cost to you!

Remember, implementing one or two easy to follow simple steps for being green is more likely to get people to actually do them rather than a long and daunting hard to follow list that may actually turn people off to the idea.

Other tips for keeping green around the office:

  • Buy paper with the highest percentage post-consumer recycled content
  • Use unbleached and uncolored paper
  • Shut down all computers at night and put printers and faxes on sleep mode
  • Order office supplies in bulk to reduce the amount of packing material needed for your shipments
  • Carpool with others from the office if they live close to you
  • Bring in your own mug for coffee in the morning rather than using disposable cups (this carries on to your own silverware, dishes, etc.)
  • If applicable to the office, have one day that everyone works from home (either a Monday or a Friday) to reduce energy consumption at the office and safe fuel 

For more tips on staying green in the office (including where to buy green office supplies) and how to reduce your overall carbon footprint everyday, please visit to following sites:


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7 Reasons why your shredder will NOT protect sensitive documents...

Posted by Sean Kelly on Tue, Aug 30, 2011 @ 08:36 AM
Document Shredding

Have you ever been fed up with your office shredder?


 Looking for a better, more convenient, economical, and less expensive solution? If you are, then you have found the right company. If you aren't yet convinced that outsourcing your shredding is more secure and less expensive than shredding in-house, please read below and let us know if it changes your mind!

Discarded shreds only tell the bad guys what to take.

The shredded materials from an office shredder are relatively easy to put back together. There is even a service available that electronically scans shreds for the purpose of reconstructing documents. If your shreds are simply discarded, all you have done is show the dumpster divers what to take.

NAID member Safeguard securely shreds all information which is immediately boxed and securely held for weekly pick up of shreds by a recycling company which is bonded by agreement to respect the confidentiality of all of the shreds they pick up. The company turns the paper into pulp which is then recycled into paper and other materials.

Employees don’t use shredders!  

In most small to medium sized companies, employees are already overwhelmed with work. It is not realistic to expect that a busy employee is going to faithfully go through the time-consuming inconvenience of laboriously putting everything they should destroy through a slow office shredder. Even if they place them in the shredder, someone often decides to throw them out to avoid the hassle and mess.

NAID member Safeguard can provide your business or office with a secure locked container into which employees can securely and conveniently deposit the documents that should be shredded. Simply put, convenience equals compliance and peace of mind.

Shredding yourself provides no records of compliance.

In the event of a privacy violation, compliant or audit, it is very likely that your firm will be asked to verify its compliance to information protection regulations. Shredding discarded information yourself provides you with no verifiable record of ongoing regulatory compliance.

NAID member Safeguard’s services give you a verified, ongoing record of regular compliance with legally mandated information destruction requirements.

Employees should not handle some sensitive information.

When your employees do the shredding, you have two options 1) You either have entry-level employees shred, in which case you may expose sensitive personnel records and competitive information to individuals not meant to see it, or 2) management-level employees, who are especially busy and paid top dollar to do more important work, do the shredding. Neither situation is acceptable.

Outsourcing your destruction needs to NAID member Safeguard solves this dilemma. Information destruction can happen very quickly with little, if any, actual handling by our screened personnel.   

Office shredders break down!

If you have ever owned an office shredder, you know they have a tendency to break down- even more so if you use them to shred everything you should. When this happens, the material to be destroyed piles up until the machine is repaired or replaced. The burden can become so great that there is a strong possibility that employees will cut corners and dispose of the material without destroying it in order to catch up.

If you are using the NAID member Safeguard, you are out of the equipment business for good. The solution to your information destruction compliance is secure, quick and convenient.

Office shredders won’t help you with large records purges!

Even if an office shredder could keep up with the large volume of daily shredding (which, in most cases, it can’t), what happens when you have to destroy more records than normal? Maybe you are cleaning old records out of storage or someone just clean out their office. Even the slightest surge in the amount of material to be destroyed creates a nightmare for employees armed only with a small office shredder. Of course, the greater risk is that someone simply will decide not to shred it.

NAID member Safeguard uses an industrial shredder capable of destroying hundreds of pounds of material per minute. Even a major purge of records doesn’t give our equipment the slightest problem.

The Shredder can’t handle some materials

The papers that need to be shredded are often held together by binders, paper clips, staples, and covers. These items normally need to be removed as the office shredders will not handle this material. Tapes, CDs, and other media also have confidential information on them. These items are only going to prematurely end the already short life of the office shredder if you try to destroy them yourself.

By using large industrial destruction equipment, NAID member Safeguard can handle anything you throw at us.

For more information on the NAID member Safeguard, please visit or contact Sean Kelly, General Manager, directly at 508-795-1015.

"Let our office be your back office"



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Safeguard introduces it's future Manager of Shredding Operations.

Posted by Sean Kelly on Wed, Mar 02, 2011 @ 07:42 AM

Safeguard introduces it's future Manager of Shredding Operations.

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Do you have a records management plan for compliance?

Posted by Sean Kelly on Wed, Mar 10, 2010 @ 07:14 AM

Is your business compliant?March 1st, 2010 - New laws require all businesses in Massachusetts to take serious measures to prevent identity theft. Any business holding the name of a Massachusetts resident and their Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number, or financial account number (including credit or debit card numbers) is subject to this new Massachusetts data protection law

We can do either:

- One time box pick-ups
- Bin rotations...

Convenient Bin Rotations

1. We place a 65 gallon bin in your office
2. You call us when it is full
3. We pick up the full bin, securely destroy the contents and replace it with an empty one. 

Contact Sean Kelly at 1.888.795.7233 or


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Who Is Safeguard Records Management?

Posted by Arielle Burdulis on Tue, Nov 03, 2009 @ 05:58 AM

Safeguard Records Management Co. is a leader in commercial records managemsafeguard recordsent and destruction.     

Safeguard manages your critical records and assets off-site in a secure, cost-effective, and confidental manner.

While storing office records may be Safeguard's largest business segment, we provide a diversity of services, from records destruction to providing in-office secure bins to dispose of you sensitive documents for shredding. We will pick up and replace your bins on an on-call basis or on a regular schedule that you choose. Safeguard will also store unused furniture and office equipment at a less expensive rate than self storage facilities. When it comes to your secure storage and certified destruction needs, Safeguard is truly your “One-stop Shop”.

Log onto or call Sean Kelly at 508.795.1015 for immediate help.

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