Document Management Guidelines- Records Retention Schedule

Whether or not you're just starting on your storage project or have questions about what documents you should be storing and for how long, click the link below to access the...

>>Massachusetts Reords Retention Schedule<<

For industry specific information, please go to the following pages:

Administration and Records in Common- pg. 65

Legal and Regulatory- pg. 77

Facilities, Transportation, and Construction- pg. 97

Fiscal- pg. 121

Personnel- pg. 129

Information and Records Management- pg. 135

Secretary of State- pg. 145

Education- pg. 161

Environment and Energy- pg. 169

Public Safety- pg. 181

Health and Human Services- pg. 199

Revenue and Taxation- pg. 217

Labor and Workforce- pg. 249

Massachusetts Port Authority- pg. 259

Department of Youth Services- pg. 275


If you have any questions regarding the storage of documents or their retention, please don't hesitate to contact us.