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Don't leave the destiny of your vital records to a coin toss...

Shredding Checklist....Find out exactly what you should be having securely shredded!

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Need to know what to Shred?

More likely than not, you need to be shredding the documents and records of your business, office, patients, and clients. Ensure you compliance with Data Protection laws like the Federal FACTA Rule and Massachusetts General Laws 93H & 93I by knowing exactly what you should be shredding and have a certified record of destruction for!

So WHY shred?

1. To ensure you are compliance with laws and regulations

2. In order to safeguard your financial and business records

3. To keep the privacy of client and patient files

4. To end the possibility of Identity theft or stolen information that occurs from improper disposal of sensitive information


Securely shredding your sensitive and vital information with a certified member like Safeguard is like insurance for your company.

You wouldn't want to wait until it's too late so get started today!

Fill out the form to your right in order to receive a PDF version of a 72-item list of all the documents you should be shredding. Then contact us to see how we can help you on your road to compliance!

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